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Expand Sound is an audio production company offering recording, editing and mixing services for the media.

Our founder Jack Buckner discovered his love for production as a teenager, when he begrudgingly accepted that he probably wasn’t destined to become a rock star. He began working in the industry during 2012 whilst completing the final year of his degree in audio production. After graduating he quickly went on to land a full time position at Ex Cantibus Gaudium (ECG) where he spent 7 years working as a sound engineer alongside award winning composer Robert Hartshorne.

He has worked on a wide variety of high profile projects. The most notable include a number of ‘Thomas & Friends’ feature films, ‘Ronnie Campbell: From Pit To Parliament’ and a series of commercials for Dunlop Sport. In 2017 he was part of a team of three that won Gold at the Evcom Screen Awards for ‘Best Music’ on Thomas & Friends Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure.


We can handle all your audio production needs. Whether it is location recording, dialogue editing, sound design or mixing, we’ve got you covered. Expand boasts an acoustically treated mix room with a wide array of industry standard studio/location equipment and over 1TB of fantastic SFX.

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